What Should I Do To Prepare My Home?


Preparing your home for professional photos will be the same steps as staging your home for sale. Chances are you have already completed most of these steps! However, they are certainly worth reading through.

In order to achieve the most successful photos I recommend you take the following steps the day before your professional photos are taken:

  • Clean – People naturally associate a clean home with a well cared for home. Remember, mirrors and windows do show up in photos and shower doors are often overlooked when preparing.
  • Curb Appeal – Front yard and back: Make sure your lawn is cut, walks shovelled, windows cleaned, personal items removed.
  • De-personalize – The idea of staging is to present your home in such a way that it appeals to the widest possible demographic. The last thing you want is for a buyer to be distracted by personal items and forget they are looking at their potential home rather that your house. Put away personal items from shelves such as photos or keepsakes. Leave any family photos on the wall unless you can fill the space with something else. Nothing is more distracting that an entirely empty wall.
  • De-clutter – Remove as much clutter as posible. You dont want items fighting for attention. If it does not add to the room odds are it shouldn’t be there (ex. fridge magnets, remote controls, papper work, kids toys).
  • Maintenance – Replace burnt out light bulbs, reapair wall dings, and any other minor cosmetic repairs. Essentially make sure nothing looks broken.
  • Vehicles – Move vehicles from your driveway and in front of your home.
  • Yard Work – Move any garbage cans and or recycling bins from the street in front of your home. Cut the grass and remove yard items such as hoses or tools.
  • Lights – Please turn on all interior lights and lamps.

The purpose of preparing your home is to set the stage so prospective buyers can imagine it as their dream home.