Why Hire a Photographer?


If a picture is worth 1000 words, what are your photos saying?

The age of the internet has changed real estate like nothing before. It’s estimated that as many as 90% of buyers start their search online. The first, and likely the only thing most prospective buyers will see of your property are the photos you include in your listing. By the time a buyer speaks to a Real Estate Agent they probably already have several homes on their list to view and have eliminated the homes that didn’t catch their attention. The only way to keep a buyer interested in your property is to present it in the best light (pun intended). If your photos aren’t engaging unfortunately your property will be crossed off the list before the buyer has even seen it in person.

On more than one occasion Real Estate Agents have contacted me for my services after listing a home that should have garnered high response rates but instead was getting no calls. After adding my photos to the listing, calls for showings increased dramatically and the homes sold within days.

In order to represent a home professionally you need more than a good camera, you need experience and expertise. It’s simply not enough to have a high quality photo, you need to control the light and shadows in a way that flatters your home and directs the viewers attention to your home’s most positive attributes. The purpose of real estate photos is to get people in the door so you can sell your home. An experienced real estate photographer is an investment in the sale of your house. Increased calls and showing will sell your house faster and for more.

So, why do you need a Real Estate photographer?

  • Get your listing noticed amongst thousand of other listings.
  • Raise the perceived value of your listing before the buyer even walks in the door.
  • Get more showings.
  • Get more offers.
  • Sell your home faster!

Can you afford not to capitalize on every prospective buyer?